SMARTTraining Services

Educators collaborate with a dedicated team of SMARTTraining staff in interactive, personalized sessions meeting the needs of the school.

Our trainers are all experienced educators because we believe that the people most equipped to train teachers must also have experience in classroom environments. SMARTTrainers provide guidance to leverage use of Singapore Math materials so that teachers can provide a solid foundation, and aid them in differentiating instruction. Experiential learning is a cornerstone of our training philosophy and our team will guide teachers through a full day of problem solving questions, comprehensive teaching strategies, and customizing a curriculum to ensure equitable student success.

Every classroom is different but math principles remain the same. We tailor custom strategies that meet the specific needs of the school. Our training techniques enhance teachers’ math teaching confidence, enabling teachers to simplify math for students entering an increasingly competitive world. We focus on the experience of math so that teachers and students internalize both the “why” and the “how.” Singapore Math is a highly effective approach to teaching mathematics that has gained recognition worldwide for its emphasis on problem solving skills, critical thinking, and conceptual understanding. Our workshop will cover key principles and methods of Singapore Math, including the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach, bar modeling, and the use of hands-on manipulatives to facilitate learning.

We offer coaching for instructors both virtually and in person through direct observation. Afterward, we provide a one-on-one debrief that includes teacher self-assessment, positive feedback, and suggestions for improving equitable instruction. Schools can also send videotaped lessons for our SMARTTrainers to review.

At SMARTTraining, we believe practice makes permanent.