Singapore Math implementation
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There's no such thing
as a "math person".

The Singapore Math pedagogy makes math accessible to everyone — educators and students alike — regardless of their perceptions of ability.

It’s how we wish that we were taught math.

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United States, Mexico, Thailand, China, Switzerland, Colombia, Canada, Bermuda, Singapore, Namibia, England, Egypt, Curaçao

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Singapore Math is a highly effective approach to teaching mathematics that has gained recognition worldwide for its emphasis on problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and conceptual understanding.

SMARTTraining equips educators with the skills to teach math using Singapore Math Methods. Our customizable training programs and dedicated support system transform the way teachers, students, and parents engage with mathematics.

Rather than merely understanding how to solve problems, participants develop a deep understanding of why math works.

SMARTTraining utilizes a four-prong approach to teaching evolving, rigorous math techniques.

Our classroom-tested techniques and curriculum-specific training enhance inquiry-based instruction, performance tasks, constructivist techniques within the classroom, and ongoing support. Students will leave their elementary school experience armed with transferable and competitive math techniques designed with their success in mind.

On-Site Curriculum-Based Training

On-Site Curriculum-Based Training

SMARTTrainers guide educators through the implementation of Singapore Math pedagogy in their classrooms including the use of textbooks, workbooks, and other resources. Training includes the use of manipulatives as well as math activities to support the program.

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Best Practices in Math Instruction

Best Practices in Math Instruction

Incorporate Singapore Math strategies into the school's math curriculum with confidence. SMARTTrainers will share current research-based practices to support learning.

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(In-Person & Virtual)

Coaching (In-Person & Virtual)

Allow our trainers to support the execution of the Singapore Math Methodology in real time. We will provide valuable feedback that will benefit educators’ teaching practice.

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Federal funding (CRRSA Act, and Title Funding) can help cover the cost of professional development that will prepare your teachers to implement curricula.