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“I appreciated how much you were able to tailor the training to our needs.”

- Tom Basham, 5th grade teacher

SMARTTraining believes in a four-prong approach to teaching to the new, more rigorous math expectations. While Singapore Math is most successfully implemented when accompanied by thorough teacher and parent training, we also work closely with administrators and students.

We teach WHY math works, not just HOW to solve problems. Working with teachers in research-based pedagogical techniques which work in the elementary school math class is our passion. In order for our students to compete successfully, our nation’s leaders looked to the math curriculum of high performing countries. We use Singapore Math® methodology and pedagogy in our training, which is useful in all math curricula. We believe that trainers who have taught in real classrooms are the best people to understand the needs of classroom teachers in incorporating the Singapore Method.

Gaining teacher support is a critical component in a successful implementation. Singapore Math® lessons require more preparation than teachers may be used too. Our classroom tested techniques and curriculum specific training enhance inquiry based instructions, performance tasks, and constructivist techniques within the classroom. SMARTTrainers are able to guide you in the best use of your Singapore Math materials including, textbooks, workbooks, teacher’s guides, and supplemental resources.

We are so confident in the Singapore Method for teaching elementary math that we offer a free 1-hour webinar to provide a brief introduction to this program and to answer questions.

Eureka Math/EngageNY Implementation Training

Bring one of advisors on-site to unlock the power of this comprehensive curriculum. What are the non-negotiables? How do you plan for lesson that are so detailed in the TE? Eureka Math/EngageNY is the most used math program in the US today. *The products and services of SMARTTraining are not affiliated with, endorsed, authorized, or approved by, GREAT MINDS, Eureka Math curricula.

Survey of Singapore Methods

Discover what all of the fuss is about! This one-day overview of the curriculum explains the philosophy, as well as including introductory techniques on mental math, problem solving strategies.

Pre-Implementation Training

Create a successful transition. This program includes everything from Survey of Singapore Methods, plus grade specific training and/or Math Content for K-6. Lots of games and activities are utilized so your teachers can truly bring the excitement of math to the classroom. Can be two or three days - three days is highly recommended for a smooth adoption of Singapore Methods.

Math Content for K-6

Develop a profound understanding of fundamental mathematics. Many teachers don’t feel as confident teaching math as they do language arts. This one-day class is designed to prepare teachers to explain why the rules of arithmetic work.

Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills (TEKS)

Strengthen your teachers’ confidence! This one or two-day program meets your specific needs. It includes everything from Survey of Singapore Methods, plus grade specific training and/or Math Content for K-6 as it relates to the TEKS. Games and activities are utilized to address these new, rigorous math standards with an element of fun and excitement.

Model Drawing

Unlock the power of the Model Drawing Method to solve word problems in 3rd grade through pre-algebra. Model Drawing helps students to justify their work while developing and improving visualization skills. To truly develop the mastery needed to teach with confidence, a full day is recommended. Grades 3-7 are the best audience.

Parent Night

Use our experience to the fullest. This is a night where we answer questions from parents and help to develop the needed home support for a successful implementation. Free with Enhancement!

Math Games & Manipulatives for K-2

Build excitement with fun math games and use manipulatives to help develop that deep understanding of mathematics. This is a must for primary teachers whether they are using the Singapore Method or incorporating strategies into other curricula.

Model Lessons

Observe our trainers teach model lessons at any grade level K-6, showing teachers what an ideal Singapore lesson looks like. Each lesson is debriefed with staff explaining why the lesson was presented in the manner it was presented.


Save on travel expenses and connect with SMARTTrainers online to meet your school’s personal training requirements. Nothing can replace having a trainer on-site, but when budgets are being cut this is the next best alternative. We can work with you to stay within budget. SMARTT offers free webinars introducing the Singapore Method to schools considering adoption or bringing in strategies. Please contact SMARTTraining NOW today!

Annual Contract

Combine all of the above services and make trainers available to your school on a regular basis throughout the year. SMARTT can customize this partnership to meet the needs of your teachers.

Major Works of Grade Band

Follow the vertical articulation of key concepts. Available for grades K-2, 3-5, and 6-8.

Teacher Training is the Key to Success

While this program can make all children successful, research shows that teacher training is the key to success. SMARTTraining was founded by classroom teachers that teach using the core concepts and strategies utilized by Singapore Methods. Additionally, SMARTTraining wrote the Singapore Math® training manual approved by the California Department of Education.

SMARTTrainers have introduced Singapore Methods to thousands of teachers, administrators, and parents, assisted over 500 school implementations, and continue to provide many more schools with ongoing practical advice and coaching.