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“Our teachers were desperate for support. SMARTTraining made the difference!”

- Victoria A

EngageNY, also known as Eureka Math, was the very first curriculum written by teachers, for teachers. Specifically written to meet the new, rigorous math standards, this curriculum strives to increase student understanding, comprehension, and critical thinking abilities. It is fully available at no charge for everyone at and through Eureka Math / EngageNY K-5 is founded on proven strategies from Singapore Math®, including the concrete-pictorial-abstract learning sequence and model drawing strategies. Without an understanding of this approach and EngageNY’s backward design, it can be a struggle to pare down the lesson while maintaining the rigorous requirements put forth in this curriculum.

Eureka Math / EngageNY is structured around Modules. With authors and editors of the EngageNY curriculum on our SMARTTeam, our SMARTTrainers are in a unique position to help your staff with the structure and concepts found in the curriculum. Bringing one of our expert SMARTTrainers on-site will lead you on an in-depth study that will explore the resources essential for success and transform your teaching methodologies. Participants will discover strategies and tactics to help make the curriculum their own and leave with a deep understanding enabling them to jump into the school year with confidence.

*DISCLAIMER: The products and services of SMARTTraining are not affiliated with, endorsed, authorized, or approved by, GREAT MINDS, Eureka Math curricula.