Mathematics text with hands

“Our teachers were desperate for support. SMARTTraining made the difference!”

- Victoria A

The Dimensions Math® PK-5 series is designed to better serve U.S. teachers and students. Published by Oregon-based Singapore Math Inc., Dimensions Math includes updated aspects of Singapore math curriculum for clarity and relevance, while preserving the solid foundation that makes it unique. The series follows the principles outlined in the Singapore Mathematics Framework and uses the Concrete > Pictorial > Abstract approach. The curriculum also incorporates Singapore mental math strategies and model drawing.

The Dimensions Math curriculum was written by teachers and professional development providers, including SMARTTraining founder Tricia Salerno. The writing team has firsthand knowledge of what works well and what can be challenging in a classroom environment. The result of their collaboration is a curated sequence of lessons that allows teachers to give their students the best elementary math education possible.

In the Dimensions Math program, concepts are introduced and explained in a new format with vibrant imagery. The implementation of this curriculum suits today’s needs, while the progression and scope that define Singapore math remain intact. The role of the educator is very important in this curriculum.

The program is made up of student textbooks and workbooks, teacher’s guides, and tests. Browse Dimensions Math titles and learn more about the program here.