First Grade Wow’s!

WOW! Is there anything more rewarding than teaching first grade?!? To top it off—Singapore Math in first grade…priceless! It is mind-blowing to witness the level of mastery and critical thinking skills a six-year-old obtains through the curriculum! A crucial component … Continued

Gender and Math

There is no arguing against the fact that men outnumber women in math related fields. Do you know how your girls think about gender and math? How they see their identity as a girl and/or as a mathematician. To gain … Continued

Working Backwards

From high achieving students to the kids who really struggle in our math classroom, they are all focused on one thing – the answer! Think about it, student who get good grades are continually reinforced to keep working hard when … Continued

Finding the Art in Ratios

How many of you 6th grade math teachers have already fought the good fight with ratios and rates? Ha! We are halfway through our ratio unit and I’m happy to say that the headaches are on the decline (for both … Continued

Anxiety in the Classroom

It seems that report cards and parent conferences bring out the stress in everyone. This year I’ve noticed that I have a lot of students who are really worrying about their first trimester report card. Couple that stress of a … Continued

Get Movin with Math

This year I have some highly excitable and energetic young learners. It feels like we spent a great deal of time at the beginning just learning how to sit and stay in our seats and not run from one place … Continued

Importance of Positive Messages

There has been a lot of talk recently on fixed and growth mindset and how they relate to young learners in particular. Mindset and it’s importance is not something new or revolutionary but rather the in depth examination of its … Continued

Stay in the Loop

One of my biggest pieces of advice is something we all know but maybe aren’t doing as well as we could. Keep parents in the loop! I have written about this before but I cannot express it enough how much … Continued

Get Organized and then Explore

As I write this we are about to start our fourth week of the new school year. It’s always an exciting (and hectic) time for any grade but in kindergarten it can be downright crazy! A thing I did over … Continued

The Twenty Minute Division Problem

As math instructors aren’t we always just walking that fine line between fluency and conceptual understanding? We know that the answer lies in both. Our students need to have fact fluency, but that fluency is only meaningful if they can … Continued

Teaching Kids How to Study

Sometimes I think my students are so good giving a blank and utterly confused face that they must practice it at home. This week we are having our first chapter test and so I instructed them to open their agendas … Continued

Focusing on Celebration

As the days of summer vacation start to dwindle down I cannot help but begin to alter my focus to the upcoming school year and begin my gradual shift back into teacher mode. This inevitably leads to planning (or thoughts … Continued