Finding the Art in Ratios

How many of you 6th grade math teachers have already fought the good fight with ratios and rates? Ha! We are halfway through our ratio unit and I’m happy to say that the headaches are on the decline (for both … Continued

Anxiety in the Classroom

It seems that report cards and parent conferences bring out the stress in everyone. This year I’ve noticed that I have a lot of students who are really worrying about their first trimester report card. Couple that stress of a … Continued

Get Movin with Math

This year I have some highly excitable and energetic young learners. It feels like we spent a great deal of time at the beginning just learning how to sit and stay in our seats and not run from one place … Continued

Stay in the Loop

One of my biggest pieces of advice is something we all know but maybe aren’t doing as well as we could. Keep parents in the loop! I have written about this before but I cannot express it enough how much … Continued

Get Organized and then Explore

As I write this we are about to start our fourth week of the new school year. It’s always an exciting (and hectic) time for any grade but in kindergarten it can be downright crazy! A thing I did over … Continued

Wait, this is Math?

As I write this there are forty days left of school. Once again, I cannot believe how fast a school year can fly by! These last few weeks will be jam-packed with learning and assessments. Wrapping up a school year … Continued

Math and Art

In my classroom I attempt to effectively integrate content in a meaningful way. One of my favorite ways to do this is with art and mathematics. Currently we are working on our shapes unit and it opens up the door … Continued

Talking About Math

After we returned from winter break my focus has really been on getting kids to reflect and speak about their thinking process. This is a huge part of Common Core in both Mathematics and English Language Arts. Traditionally, we can … Continued

Making It Tangible

The weather has finally cooled, fall break has come and gone and now with just a few days into December the talk around my classroom has turned to Christmas. In our class we build our calendar together each day and … Continued

Frontloading Common Core Math Vocabulary

One thing I have noticed is that common core has got some parents freaked out! Obviously the level of “freaked out” varies amongst individuals, grade level, curriculum familiarity, student, school, etc. However, in my experience I have heard multiple times … Continued

The Exit Ticket: Kinder Edition

Many teachers utilize something called an exit ticket as part of their daily instruction. An exit ticket-basically a student’s “ticket” to exit the class-is a strategy that can provide feedback to a teacher about a lesson, require students to do … Continued